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 (315) 986-1400

Town of Walworth Media Release

Published on March 19, 2021

March 18, 2021

Dear Walworth Neighbors,

The members of your Town Board, the Assessor, the Assistant Assessor hear and understand your concerns. We will follow the prescribed procedures to answer your questions, provide requested information and help guide you through the processes to grieve your assessment. If you have any questions and wish to schedule an appointment for an informal hearing with the Assessor, please contact the Assessment Office (315-986-1400, ext 5) and you will be assisted in doing so.

As a matter of clarification, we would like to suggest you consider the following:
The State of New York encourages frequent assessments, and, if a municipality completes reappraisals at least once every 4 years, the State offers financial assistance towards such efforts. The last revaluation in the Town of Walworth was done in 2016, and due to Covid, the next revaluation was delayed until this year, 2021.

Reassessments ensure you pay only your fair share of taxes. After several years without a reassessment some properties could be over-assessed, while others could be under-assessed. This is because some will have increased in value, while others may have decreased in value or stayed the same.

Reassessment does not mean your taxes will automatically increase. Over time market value of properties change and a reassessment is based on current market values rather than older values. The property tax rate (levy) is determined by the taxing authority (school, town, county, etc.) separately from assessments. The assessor is not responsible for taxes.

If the tax base increases, tax rates could go down proportionally. Why? Because the tax levy may be distributed over a broader tax base. We encourage residents of each of these taxing districts to attend any meeting where budgets are formulated, and tax rates are determined to make your voices heard.
We ask for your cooperation as we work through the process. We are here to help and encourage you to reach out to us.


Walworth Town Board
Walworth Assessment Department

Town Hall
3600 Lorraine Drive
Walworth, NY 14568
(315) 986-1400
The Town of Walworth is bordered by the towns of Ontario to the north, Marion to the east, Macedon to the south, and Penfield (Monroe County) to the west.

New York State Route 350 and New York State Route 441 intersect in the town.