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View the 2021 Town of Walworth Final Assessment Roll

At this time, the 2021 Reassessment for the Town of Walworth has been completed.

Per New York State, we have reached 100% for our equalization rate as a result of this process. As the board is aware, the town was at 86% equalization rate for 2020; at that time, the town was assessing properties at 86% of fair market value. Now that we are at 100%, we are assessing each property accurately and fairly, and at full market value. Because of this, tax rates in the area should be able to lower accordingly to reflect these changes.

As the board is also aware, this was a process that took place over the last 15 months. Research, data collection, updating of information, and property valuations were completed for each parcel in the town. Beginning in March of 2021, the Assessment Department began meeting with the residents of the town to ensure they understand and are comfortable with their new property valuations, and finished up this process with Grievance Day on May 27th.

During this time, many people were integral in assisting the department. As the Assessor and the individual responsible for the revaluation and the assessment roll, as well as per my certification by New York State, I completed the valuation of each parcel, and individually reviewed each parcel for accuracy. The Assistant to the Assessor helped me throughout this process with data collection and entry, speaking with residents, scheduling appointments, etc. Supervisor Susie Jacobs stepped in to assist with administrative duties, which included speaking with residents to help in the scheduling process and relaying information that I specifically asked her to share with individuals to ensure we got back to residents in as timely a fashion as possible. Several others in the town hall – Teresa Flye, Lauren Friedl, Cheri LeMay, and Aimee Phillips-Lomb – assisted us with folding letters and stuffing envelopes. Aimee also took a great deal of paperwork and interfaced with residents while we assisted others, as did her new deputy, Jenna, who immediately stepped in to help. Deb Amsler assisted with paperwork, recording messages and calls for us, and organizing our schedules call-back lists. Lastly but certainly not least, Barb Goulette went above and beyond to assist from day one – taking paperwork from residents, assisting with mailings, and later, when she stepped in to the temporary clerk position, communicating with residents and assisting with the set up and carrying out of Grievance Day. It was truly a team effort.

I’d like to thank all of these individuals for their help and support, as well as that of our liaison to the Assessment Department, Cody Phillips, and also Amber Linson.

I’d also like to commend the Board of Assessment Review for their hours and hours of work to hear and review every resident’s case who submitted paperwork or appeared in front of the BAR to discuss their assessment.

The final assessment roll will be available to the public after July 1, 2021, and will reflect the new valuations, as well as our 100% equalization rate.

Need to register for STAR? 

Please visit the NYS Department of Taxation & Finance to register online

If you have any questions concerning the assessment process or exemption eligibility requirements, please contact the Assessment Office at 315-986-1400.


Governor Cuomo has passed an Executive Order that the Walworth Town Board has adopted allowing those with Senior or Disability Partial Tax Exemptions on the 2020 assessment roll to have their exemptions carried over to the 2021 assessment roll.

If you were planning on turning in paperwork to renew your application, you do NOT need to do so for this year. Your exemption will automatically be carried over.
If you made an appointment to come in for assistance with your paperwork, you will be contacted directly by the assessment department to confirm cancellation.
You will also receive notification via mail if you had one of these exemptions on the 2020 roll.


All first-time applicants or other exemption renewals must complete applications and turn them in prior to March 1, 2021.
Please call our department with any questions or concerns.

Due to COVID-19, in an effort to keep our residents and staff as safe as possible we ask that you please return your renewal form and all necessary paperwork via the following options:

Assessment Department
3600 Lorraine Drive
Walworth, NY 14568

Scan and send to
assessor@townofwalworthny.gov or

(315) 986-1440

In Person

  • Monday-Friday 8am-4pm

If these times do not work for you, please call to set up an appointment to drop off your paperwork.

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This calculator is provided as a courtesy and provides only a estimated change to your Town taxes. It does not consider Wayne County or School District taxes as those figures are independent of Town control.


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Town Hall
3600 Lorraine Drive
Walworth, NY 14568
(315) 986-1400
The Town of Walworth is bordered by the towns of Ontario to the north, Marion to the east, Macedon to the south, and Penfield (Monroe County) to the west.

New York State Route 350 and New York State Route 441 intersect in the town.