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Public Notice from The Dolomite Group

Published on May 3, 2021

Notice to Walworth Residents

On May 17th through May 21st, The Dolomite Group will be temporarily donating a corner of our Walworth quarry to the FBI and the Monroe County Sheriff to conduct a post-blast investigator’s course. The goal of the course is to train Federal, State, and Local law enforcement to process and respond to bombing crime scenes.

The post-blast investigator’s course provides a basic knowledge of explosives, explosive effects, and identification of bomb fragments. Investigators will learn how to document a blast crime scene, conduct explosive residue sampling, conduct a search of the crime scene, and recover and package evidence. The course will be comprised of classroom sessions, a demolition demonstration, and IED post-blast exercises.

During this training, live explosives will be used to create realistic scenarios. There will be some blasting for this course on May 17th through 20th, with the majority of the blasts occurring on May 21st. We will be working with the FBI and MCSO to find a location in the quarry where the noise will be best contained. There is NO danger to adjacent properties or to the public.

This is valuable training for local law enforcement and is essential to keeping our local communities safe. 

If there are any questions or concerns about this training, please call Dolomite representatives Mike Bagne at 585-259-4463 or John Masucci at 585-456-3564, and we will try our best to answer them. 

The Dolomite Group sincerely appreciates your patience and understanding.