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30 Years Community Service Proclamation

Published on October 8, 2021

To recognize the hard work, dedication and passion of volunteers throughout the Town of Walworth

WHEREAS, volunteering one’s time is testament to the compassion and generosity of the American spirit; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Walworth commemorates and recognizes those in the community who serve dedicating their passion and hard work to causes throughout the Town of Walworth and beyond; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Walworth believes that government alone cannot meet all of our community’s needs, so it partners with businesses, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, foundations and individuals who serve in local government and in our community to make a difference; and

WHEREAS, the Town of Walworth is committed to encouraging volunteerism and service among its employees, citizens, partners, businesses and organizations and thanks all volunteers for their dedicated service; and

WHEREAS, several members of the community have served for 30 years or more in a volunteer capacity;

THEREFORE, I Susie C. Jacobs, MMC, Town Supervisor of the Town of Walworth, Walworth, NY recognize the following volunteers in the Town of Walworth:

Anthony DiGravio, Lincoln Fire Department
Liz O’Toole, Walworth Auxiliary
William Kurrasch, Lincoln Fire Department
Elaine Leasure, Walworth Auxiliary
Michael McManus, Lincoln Fire Department
Mary Ann Kritall, Walworth Auxiliary
Roberta Gallaher, Lincoln Ladies Auxiliary
Ron Buyck, Walworth Lions Club
Angela Gegell, Lincoln Ladies Auxiliary
Bernard Standera, Walworth Lions Club
Hazel Kurrasch, Lincoln Ladies Auxiliary
Joseph LaChuisa, Walworth Lions Club
Sandra Allen, Lincoln Ladies Auxiliary
John Aman, Walworth Lions Club
Nancy Frederes, Lincoln Ladies Auxiliary
Norman Druschel, Walworth Lions Club
Richard Dierks, Walworth Fire Department
Gary Cain, Walworth Lions Club
Dennis Flye, Walworth Fire Department
David Kords, Walworth Lions Club
Tom Yale, Walworth Fire Department
Richard Zingler, Walworth Lions Club
Karel Ambroz, Walworth Fire Department
Donald Lyon, Walworth Lions Club
Frank Maciuska, Walworth Fire Department
Tina Rivellino, Walworth Lions Club
Mark Kritall, Walworth Fire Department
Louis Rivellino, Walworth Lions Club
Mary Pat Maciuska, Walworth Fire Department
David VanBortel, West Walworth Fire Department
Anthony Morabito, Walworth Fire Department
Timothy Heslor, West Walworth Fire Department
Gary Germano, Walworth Fire Department
Larry Welker, West Walworth Fire Department
Charles Phalen, Walworth Fire Department
Robert LeMay, West Walworth Fire Department
Donald Byrnes, Walworth Fire Department
Tom Welker, West Walworth Fire Department
John O’Toole, Walworth Fire Department
Norma Ameele, West Walworth Ladies Auxiliary
Marilyn Wight, West Walworth Ladies Auxiliary