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Walworth Town Board Statement Regarding 2021 Reassessment

Published on March 19, 2021

March 18, 2021

Dear Walworth Neighbors,

As part of the process of reviewing and updating property assessment valuations in the Town, some residents have recently received a change of assessment notice from the Town Assessor’s Office informing of an increase in assessed valuation. Some of you have voiced concerns about such increases.

Please know that the Town strives for accuracy and fairness in all respects, including regarding your property tax assessments. We understand your concerns and have communicated them directly to the Town Assessor’s Office, highlighting the importance of clear, accurate and fair valuations and processes.

The Assessor has assured us that her Office is ready and willing to assist any and all residents in ensuring fair and accurate property assessment valuations and processes. Please do not hesitate to contact the Town Assessor’s Office via email at assessor@townofwalworthny.gov or phone at 315-986-1400 (ext. 5) to set up a time to speak with the Assessor about your property valuation. The Assessor has committed to speaking with each and every resident that requests such a discussion in order to ensure fair and accurate valuations.

We thank you for reaching out to the Town. Please know that your elected officials understand your concerns and hold in the highest regard access to your local government, fairness and integrity.


Walworth Town Board