3600 Lorraine Drive • Walworth, NY 14568
Telephone: (315) 986-1400
Town Hall: 3600 Lorraine Dr. Walworth, NY 14568
 (315) 986-1400

Update on Assessment Notices

Published on March 18, 2021

Change of Assessment notices have been mailed. If you have questions, concerns, or would like to set up an informal meeting with the assessing staff, please call the phone numbers listed in the notice.

Myself and my staff will not respond to posts, comments, or concerns on social media. As stated above, please contact our office. We will be more than happy to meet with you.

Thank you!

Mel Halstead

Town of Walworth

Town Hall
3600 Lorraine Drive
Walworth, NY 14568
(315) 986-1400
The Town of Walworth is bordered by the towns of Ontario to the north, Marion to the east, Macedon to the south, and Penfield (Monroe County) to the west.

New York State Route 350 and New York State Route 441 intersect in the town.