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'Tis the Season for Signs

Published on June 8, 2021

To help those understand the Town of Walworth rules and regulations from Chapter 143, entitled SIGNS.

Any sign (movable or stationary) which has not been approved as a permanent sign, which is not designed as a permanent sign or which is not otherwise intended to be a permanent sign, and which typically promotes an event that occurs at a specified time. Such signs may be posted for the period of the event and the preceding 30 days. A temporary sign must be removed within 48 hours of the end of the subject event. A temporary sign which advertises the same or a substantially similar event in excess of four times within a calendar year requires a permit.

143-4. Additional requirements for temporary signs.
A. Temporary signs must be at least six feet from the edge of pavement of the public right-of-way, such pavement including sidewalks, curbing and gutters. In any event, such signs shall be placed on the side of curbing, gutters, sidewalks, etc. farthest from the center of the right-of-way. In no event shall a sign be placed within drainage infrastructure, including but not limited to gutters, swales, etc. Further, in no event may a sign reduce the line of sight for ingress or egress from a property. They shall be limited to eight square feet in area and may reach a height of no greater than four feet from the ground. Nonbusiness use temporary signs are limited to three per property.

(4) Election signs. Signs advertising candidates in relation to an election, where the event advertised involves an election, are temporary signs. In the case that the sign is related to a primary race, said sign may be displayed between the beginning of the primary and the end of the general election (i.e., the primary and the general election shall be considered one event).

143-9. Enforcement.
A. It shall be the duty of the Code Enforcement Officer or his/her delegate to administer and enforce the provisions of this subsection.

G. Should the property owner wish to recover the sign, such property owner will be required to pay over to the Town of Walworth the sum of $20 to cover the costs of detecting, removing, transporting, and storing the temporary sign. Temporary signs which are removed will be held for a period of seven days from date of removal and then will be destroyed.