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Eagle Project - Arcoraci

Red Trail - Boardwalk Area

Fairly straight on the North End - South end has a bend to it. The first picture is looking North but from where it's still pretty straight. We'd need to extend it to include the bend. That light green area especially in the middle of the photo gets exceptionally wet. The stoned area washes out each Spring. Ideally we'd be looking at something 6.5-7ft wide with ramps on either end that are flush with the ground so there's no trip hazard (especially in the winter as we get a lot of cross country skiers and trail use even when snow covered).

Red Trail - Covered Picnic Table

We recently cleared out this area that connects either end of the trail and is just off the spur entrance by the small gravel parking lot. It's a nice "out of the way" area that if the pavilion was rented or if you wanted some tranquility away from the playing fields and future dog park might be a nice spot to rest and enjoy a quick lunch/snack. I can't believe I didn't think about these when we met in person - Mike and I for a while have said we'd love to have a couple in the parks.

Hex Benches

Next to the playground at Sherburne we've cleared out an area for a coming Dog Park. The park will be fenced in, split into small and large dog areas, and feature some kind of "pass card" entrance. Inside the area are a couple smaller birch trees we've left to keep it more natural and in the same feel as much of the rest of the park. I apologize I didn't take any pictures of the trees themselves but the trunks are a very small diameter. We would like to incorporate seating for dog owners into the area but also have it meld with the landscape so this would be a great way to do so.